Life is Art.

And so Are You

Us, I, The Universe

Onefinity is a Love community.

It is you, it is me. It is a simple statement of wellness, wholeness, acceptance, kindness and holistic understanding of the life's principles. Everything interconnects, requires love, so let's connect through love from anywhere, with everyone and create a massive #lovelove evolutionary era.

We are living a very transformative experience. As time is actually an interpretation of the human brain only, everything is happening Now. The only difference lies in the frequency the Universe holds. It is continuously rising. Playing and being aware of itself in an infinite multi-dimensional form of Self. That we all are. And also are not. And as a very intelligent being, the human race that we are and are not at the same time, is evolving toward the understanding that well-being, and love are at the root, core, essence of our existence. With each breath, thought, word, or action in that empowering field of infinite flow, we simply Are Love. It is the only secret. To be and to beam :)


At Onefinity, we provide holistic, multi-dimensional, multi-sensorial, fun and exponential workshops, retreats and individual sessions. No aim, but love in this now moment, that is all there is. period.

It is the path of Tantra. 


Reconnect, discover, expand, experiment, shift, play, dance, feel, develop and Be:


Body / mind / spirit / other bodies

Individual / collective level

Senses & chakras development

Multi-dimensional reconnection 

Brain capacity expansion

Karma / Personal codes / Guides communication

Energy understanding and practises

Sacred sexuality ...

There's a whole universe inside you and outside you. You are the bridge as well as the whole. In the beingness and awareness of your Self, lies everything. All is energy and can be accessed from within and from without. All life potential can be reached. As you Are Everything therefore you can be anything. re period.

At Onefinity, we simply hold the energy of Love, and assist you in living your highest potential, with light and fun. Slowly removing the layers of the mind, we help you uncondition beliefs to reconnect as the Source that You Are. Using complementary technics to find freedom and empowerment, discover your talents and purpose and apply targeted guidance that can easily be applied in your everyday life. 


Onefinity offers 'healings' (we believe nothing needs to be healed, all is as it is, and therefore prefer 'energy upgrades') through their most creative and beautiful forms, spiritual guidance merging with the wonder of science, a heart-centered community replacing judgement for acceptance, compassion, responsibility and kindness, transcendantal experiences, sensual and divine connections.


Naturally unfolding your marvellous Light that Is seeking to shine bright. It is a dream becoming reality. An inspiration for the lovers. Seed of the Tree of our Lives. A whisper of the soul's melody, the song of all possibilities taking shape into a temple of Love, a garden of Eden that You Are, that All Is.


With Love.

Meet Caroline


Once upon a time, a tiny french lady,

Just a few years old, but surely big enough,

Looked at the sky, the flowers and the trees,

Wondering how some bones, flesh and arteries

Could make her think, love or have a good laugh.

She awed: ‘Oh my, what is it all about really?’


She then took a pen, and wrote a few lines,

Making the words dancing, the rhythm booging,

Inspired by a Love she couldn’t yet define

But somehow took life in a verse well designed.

And depicted the story of this bird once landing,

On her well surprised, as a blessing or sign.


She became a woman, a romantic artist,

Asleep all along but could spot time to time,

A whole Universe beating intensely,

In her heart confused, although lively jolly.

Soon or later she will paint a good rhyme

Of this mysterious clue and opening twist...


One enlightening day, around tea time o’clock,

Lightbulbing-up, she unveiled the secret,

And Saw, Felt, Sensed, Was in perfect harmony

With her fellow walkers, and All that Was really,

Oaks unfolding their leaves toward her holy net,

She became Free, connected and awoke.


Divine ventures and tales happened to her daily,

Rainbow lights and magic were her treat really,

She relearnt, remembered who truly she Is,

The quintessent Source that narrates stories,

In which she brings Love, the same one that she,

Truly and simply Is ... Life is Love mon ami ...


Like a celestial spy, she has a mission,

To express all her truth, throughout dimensions

Emanating Life in its tantric purity 

Embracing the ocean of high frequency

Blissful, she sparks her soft melody

In each and every particles as One Almighty.


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