Multi-dimensional Sessions


A heart based session taking place in 3 stages:

1- Introduction: 
Heart/breath awareness, 6 senses awaking, chakras meditation, connection with physical and ethereal bodies, your guides, fields attunement. 

2- Reading, clearing and upgrade:
A channeling takes place to let unfold your highest potential. Messages delivery from your own soul and different light beings, energy fields reading and transmutation, other lives reconnections, passed away family members guidance, etc. 

3- Pragmatic guidance, manifestation and closure:
Global guidance to implement, and embodied closing down.

One/one or group sessions for events, retreats, in person or by Skype. 

A session is multi-dimensional, therefore covers all areas and is felt at various levels. It is a form of psychic reading, mediumship, energy healing, soul connection, light beings channeling, upgrade and energy force recharge.

A soul, mind, bodies activation and reading, soul blueprint, info come to guide you towards your highest potential lifestyle and life path.

Spiritual yet down-to-earth technics and guidance. Yin Yang approach.

Sessions are hourly priced and range between 70 to 120 euros/per hour.

*possible monthly packages


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